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Zamenhofstraat 150 unit 217 1022 AG Amsterdam She moves on the flow of whatever life brings her.

Bell is inspired by her heart when it comes to the clothing she produces, that’s what makes them so special. All her work is done by hand, to keep the ‘love’ alive within the clothing. All her positive vibes and energy are put into it. The RE-BELL shop will open soon where you can visit blazinbell's studio and see the special one of a kind items ik the shop. Czaar Peterstraat 263 Amsterdam

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stomizes brand new clothes or she recycles old pieces into new ones from her own special point of view. The people for whom she makes the clothing give her inspiration to put something personal within every piece. Every piece of clothing is a custom made product with a twist of Blazinbell. One of the biggest inspirations for Blazinbell is the way traditional clothing was made through the course of history all over the world. With this inspiration she creates her own personal production proces: the clothes are crafted using old techniques but at the same time futuristic and timeless.


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Radikal Rupert- killer vinyls
Studio Abuse - abused clothes
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Blazinbell- patchwork clothes

Van hallstraat 23 Amsterdam

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These two!!!!


Bell poort maakt met haar label Blazinbell de wereld een stukje mooier, duurzamer en funkier!
Door o.a. hergebruik van kleding maakt zij unieke kledingstukken voor jong en oud. Het prachtige patchwork in haar kleding is haar unieke handelsmerk.

Echt een one of a kind cadeau waar je je geliefde heel blij mee maakt!



Almost time to say goodbye.

Dear friends and customers. After 6 years of running the Re-Bell shop, we have decided it is time for change.
We are so grateful for the times we spend here on the Czaar Peterstraat. Developing ourselves, making new connections, and creating so many beautiful pieces of wearable art. Re-bell shop has not only been our sanctuary, but a creative hub for many like minded people. It was and still is a place where we feel home.

Maintaining this homebase however comes with responsibilities and rising costs. To keep the store alive and kicking, our focus would have to shift towards more sales, online and offline. That however is not, and has never been our drive. From our perspective there already is too much production in the world. Our objective has been to create awareness in fashion and to create a platform where likeminded designers and sustainable funky fashionista’s can find each other. To create, repair and inspire. So in stead of commercialising we chose to internalise. To go inwards and focus on our own development.

It is time for a new era. An era that is more about sharing knowledge and creating what we want to create, instead of creating what puts food on the plate.
So we decided to close the shop, and open our minds. To create more space for the unknown, for spontaneity and for new adventures.

The countdown has begun. Only three months left. The first of February we shut the door of our dear Re-Bell Shop, and open doors toward unexplored territory. We will share our plans as soon as we can. Until that time, we hope to see all of your familiar and unfamiliar faces in the shop. To support us towards the end, ánd our new beginnings. Thanks for all the love and support. See you soon!

If you are interested in taking over our shop in the Czaar Peterstraat. Please contact Siemen de Boer for viewings: [email protected]

One love ❤️

Kom gezellig langs 15 oktober bij De Groene Bende van West - Zet ook de knop om! In de passage van de hallenZie je daar!...

Kom gezellig langs 15 oktober bij De Groene Bende van West - Zet ook de knop om! In de passage van de hallen
Zie je daar! ❤️

Dit is Bell Poort, een modeontwerpster én kunstenares en is 15 oktober ook van de partij! Met haar label Blazinbell probeert ze sinds 2005 de wereld mooier, duurzamer en meer funky te maken.
Inmiddels heeft Blazinbell haar sporen achtergelaten in ons straatbeeld: het alom bekende patchwork in haar kleding is haar unieke handelsmerk.

Visible mending, boro, funky repair art en customizing van kleding is een groeiend onderdeel naast het recyclen van kleding.


Zamenhofstraat 150 Unit 217
Amsterdam Centrum


Dinsdag 12:00 - 18:00
Woensdag 12:00 - 18:00
Donderdag 12:00 - 18:00
Vrijdag 12:00 - 18:00
Zaterdag 12:00 - 18:00


Wees de eerste die het weet en laat ons u een e-mail sturen wanneer Blazinbell nieuws en promoties plaatst. Uw e-mailadres wordt niet voor andere doeleinden gebruikt en u kunt zich op elk gewenst moment afmelden.


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