Suckmybeatclothing Beatmaker crafted couture


​The process that allows you to build an instrumental. which may be accompanied by vocals.

Apart the obvious bilingual wordplay, the brand's philosophy is divided into 3 categories

1 The Beat

The Beatmaking is the process that allows you to build an instrumental. In the case of rap, trap, drum'n'bass, the EDM, etc ...
naturally based on an eclectic mix, based on rhythm and bass,
the beatmaking is the means by which this mix of influences
and musical styles is shaped,
the beatmaker

is the conductor of modern times, hearing painter,frequencies sculptor

2 Suck

To have your own idea of the beat, dig for the right sample,
fullfill your melodies. Keeping a perfect mix balance, while ignoring external saturations,
dressing your arrangement at the right BPM
thus being focused on the sequencer. a perfect combination to impose your style. this is the main philosophy of the brand,

3 Style

Style reveals a personality, an emotion, a way of life, as an instrumental,
so we design our clothes as a symphony,
,we compose unique pieces, or sample ideas or feelings to reinterpret our rhythm. Each of our collections can be listened to as albums. The Suckmybeat clothes are also at the forefront of the the beatmaking technology :

-36 keys proof
-infinite sampling time
- Elbows fluid movements through beatelbow technology *
-Easy movement in the right BPM through shakewhatyamammagaveya function *
- All the materials used are MAO compatible *
-no instrumental is mishandled during the manufacturing process
- Increased resistance to drops, 808, mass etc ...


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Good luck to all !!
May the beat be with you


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