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Min Design www.minmin.nl Min is maker & researcher Janne Kromhout. Since 2005 she has been making costumes and custom made pieces in her Amsterdam based studio.

Min also researches possible other approaches of the compelling system of set seasons, new collections, unconscious consumption, exploitation and waste that is currently mainstream in fashion. And teaches the craft and history of fashion and design thinking. Min is fascinated by the influents clothing has on
society and what people wish to communicate with their garments. She aims to translate thi

s into her designs. Emotional durability of every garments is strived for by creating pieces especially make for and with it's wearer. Besides her own work, Min designs for individuals as well as for theater, advertising agencies, television and the film and music
industry. She created the bridal gown for the infamous marketing stunt of Dutch retail store Zeeman at the Amsterdam fashionweek. Other clients have been, for example, the Dutch Film Festival, advertising agency Habbekrats, design agency Hotel, production compagny Blazhoffski, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Advertising agency Comrad, design agency vandeJong, and youth theater festival Tweetakt. For her costume for Tweetakt she received an honorable
mention from the judges of the Theater Poster Awards 2006. In 2012 she started her Fashion Evenings; a course in Fashion, designing, fashion history, drawing patterns and sewing techniques. Janne graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (Utrecht School of Arts) in 2000. She continued her studies by specializing in
Fashion crafts at the Rotterdamse Snijschool (Rotterdam Cutting School). And broadened her theoretical knowledge with a Master Design Cultures at the VU University Amsterdam. She has worked together with designers Franca Dioncre (SAUS) and Zjef van Bezouw to help create their collections. And she worked as a designer and intern supervisor at the company “I Love Vintage”. If you are interested in Min designs or would like to have more information please do not hesitate to contact Min at: [email protected].


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Op 29 juni opent om 17u Exposure hét afstudeer event van de HKU Utrecht School of Arts. En het is weer IRL!!

Van 29 juni t/m 3 Juni 2022 is al het afstudeerwerk van de HKU School of Design te zien op wel 3 locaties: bibliotheek Neude, Gebouw M (Kanaalweg 50) en Kanaal30 (Kanaalweg 30)

Repair Futures Event(Re)activating clothes (Re)imagining the systemOn 24 - 26 September we, ,  organise a FREE event abo...

Repair Futures Event
(Re)activating clothes
(Re)imagining the system

On 24 - 26 September we, , organise a FREE event about garment repair and it’s potential to transform the current fashion system in the Staalkamer at the heart of shopping centre Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht.

Come join the community of designers, activists, makers, thinkers, repair groups and initiatives and together we will explore repair opportunities and imagine new ones.

No tickets are required. If you would like to attend a workshop you can sign up though our website.

More information on the website (link in thick present bio)

We hope to see you!
Katya and Janne

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Repair Futures Event 24 -26 September  During (and after) this event we explore current possibilities and limitations of...

Repair Futures Event
24 -26 September

During (and after) this event we explore current possibilities and limitations of repair within the fashion industry. With the project and event we aim to reposition repair in the multilayered landscapes of consumer habits, design thinking and commercial activities.
It promotes (visible) repair as a way to transform, reactivate and (re)imagine the fashion system.

Which repair opportunities can you imagine?

Alert Alert event alert!!Introducing to you all:Repair Futures 24 - 26 of September in the heart of Shopping Centre Hoog...

Alert Alert event alert!!

Introducing to you all:
Repair Futures

24 - 26 of September in the heart of Shopping Centre Hoog Catharijne Utrecht
Think Present presents…

Together with designers, activists, repair enthusiasts and professionals as well as everyone curious, we are gonna explore and map possible new futures of the fashion system that include all forms of repair.

Stay tuned for more information!


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