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For families looking to better understand babywearing and how it can support them, I’m excited to now offer small group ...

For families looking to better understand babywearing and how it can support them, I’m excited to now offer small group consultations at The Labour Dept. You can join up to 2 other families to have your questions answered, try out various styles of babywearing, and practice with my guidance. I have weighted demo-dolls in newborn, 6-month, and toddler sizes to practice with. And if you bring your baby we always try to get baby up successfully at least once during the session.

These 2-hour sessions are great for expecting families to figure out what carrier they want to invest in and to be confident with handling a carrier and newborn. Think of it as a hands-on personalised workshop for expecting families. And as a semi-private consultation for families with babies already.

You can sign up via . Link to register is in my bio. The June session will be 23 June, 10:00-12:00.

Until when can I wear my baby?The simple answer is: Until you or your child no longer wish to continue wearing! Most oft...

Until when can I wear my baby?

The simple answer is: Until you or your child no longer wish to continue wearing!

Most often, when you use a well-adjusted, fitting carrier on your back, then this happens when your toddler insists that they be independent. Many parents feel the bittersweetness of this transition. Saying goodbye to the closeness and convenience of toddler-wearing represents one more milestone towards raising our children to ultimate independence.

When families are not back carrying or don't have a carrier that is fitting them or their child well, then the limiting factor is usually comfort. They stop wearing their child because they feel they are too heavy to continue carrying. The reality is that they will very likely spend many more hours in the next years carrying their child in their arms or on their shoulders, still bearing the same weight, but without the assist of a carrier.

It's all good. There is no obligation to carry your child to a certain age. Babywearing is a tool to make your life easier. If it is no longer serving this purpose, it's time to stop.

But if you are interested in extending your babywearing journey, these tips can help:
💫 When your baby is feeling heavy on your front, it's time to start back carrying. See my blog post on back carrying.
💫 Be sure you are still tightening your toddler close to your body. When you wear too loose or low, even on your back, you will feel more weight and pull on your shoulders.
💫 As your child grows, your carrier needs to grow. Some carriers expand through many sizes with your kid to last through toddlerhood. Some carriers require being replaced by a toddler-sized, then preschool-sized carrier. A carrier that supports a toddler knee-to-knee will distribute your child's weight around your body, making them easier and more comfortable to carry. Your child will be more comfortable as well.
💫 When you wear your child with some regularity your body conditions to their weight as they grow. This allows you to comfortably wear a toddler when needed.💪🏽

Photos: Wearing our kids (2yo & 5yo) on our recent trip to Spain. Our 5yo was only worn twice on a long day, his wearing days are limited.

Need to make dad friends?This Friday, 11 March is the next DAD HANG. The last one sold out and the dads all had a blast!...
DAD HANG | The Labour Dept

Need to make dad friends?

This Friday, 11 March is the next DAD HANG. The last one sold out and the dads all had a blast! This is a time for dads to chill, make new friends, and find support.

BYOB [Beer or Baby]

Sign up to save your spot!

The March DAD HANG will be hosted by Joe of .club. He will lead a discussion and there will be plenty of time for just socialising.

Organized by postpartum educator Zyanya Breuer of Adapting to Love, led by guest dads with different backgrounds and perspectives. This is a time for fathers and non-birthing partners to come together. Join us for a beer and chat on rotating themes of parenthood. BYOB [Beer or Baby!] Space limited.


My number one received question is "what's the best carrier?"

I don't believe there is one best carrier for everyone. Carriers fit different body types and sizes differently. Carriers provide different features and accessibility to accommodate different lifestyles and needs. In this video I show what I mean by this, as it is clear that the first carrier simply does not fit me as well as the second carrier. This does not mean that either of these carriers will necessarily fit you in the same way.

When looking for a carrier here are my thoughts:

👉🏿Does it fit you? Can you tighten it as much as you need to or loosen it as much as you need to? I fully tighten many of the more commercial brands of carriers and still have too much slack to support a baby completely. So these carriers are simply too large for me.

👉🏼Does it fit your baby? And how will it grow with your child? There are many carriers on the market now that are able to adjust fully in width and height to grow with your child at all stages, up until toddlerhood. There are also many carriers on the market that only allow for 1 or 2 changes in size as your child grows, which means less precise support and customization.

👉🏽Is it comfortable for you?
I hear from many people that they are "comfortable," and yet, when they try a new carrier out that fits them better they are usually shocked to realize how "very comfortable" they can be while babywearing. So even if you think you have a fine option, it can be very worthwhile to try a few more options! Everyone will find different fits & styles comfortable in different ways.

None of these points are deal-breakers, they are all just considerations for you when choosing a carrier.


If you feel like either of you could be more comfortable, know that there are many amazing brands on the market that are size-inclusive, soft, adjustable, and comfortable! You are always welcome to send me a message with your needs and I'll do my best to recommend brands that I think will work for you. 💜

[Note: the two carriers in this video both retail for about 180 euros]


Thursday is the next Real Motherhood! Join us to unwind, connect, share, laugh, and learn in the evening. Come in your comfiest PJs if you want, we don’t care how you look. I know it can be hard to get out of the house in the evening, but it’s worth it!

The suggested price to join a session is 15-euros, but I encourage everyone to only pay what they can afford.

Link in BIO to sign up.

This Friday! DAD HANG, 16:00-18:00  Does your partner need to make some dad friends? Could they use some solidarity with...

This Friday! DAD HANG, 16:00-18:00

Does your partner need to make some dad friends? Could they use some solidarity with the amount they are juggling?

Led by alternating guest dads with different backgrounds and perspectives. This is a time for fathers to come together. Join us for a beer and chat on rotating themes of parenthood.

BYOB [Beer or Baby!]
Space limited, save your spot: link in BIO

February Host: Atish Kalyan Software Consultant, Monad Labs
Tips from a small business owner on juggling work, business management, parenting, and learning.

Dad Hangs are monthly! 2nd Friday of the month.

Left photo by

MONTHLY BABYWEARING CHECK-INS. I’m super excited to resume my monthly community babywearing meet-ups. Thank you to  for ...


I’m super excited to resume my monthly community babywearing meet-ups. Thank you to for hosting us! Holding these meet-ups every month was so much fun. I loved getting to meet different families and see parents connect with each other… until COVID happened.

The Babywearing Check-ins are a chance for you to come ask me questions, have your carrier adjusted for maximum comfort, try any of my carriers / wraps, and meet other families! 5-euro registration is required because space is limited. We will be masking and checking QR codes.

The Babywearing Check-ins will happen every 2nd Thursday of the month, 10:00-11:30. The next one is 10 February.

I look forward to meeting you and your littles soon! Link in BIO to register.


Let's Talk About S*x...

Join me Thursday for a slumber party-style chat on all things postpartum s*x. From how best to venture back to s*x after birth to navigating intimacy when exhausted and disinterested, it's important and helpful to talk about it!

We learn about pregnancy, we learn about birth, but there is next to no education for families about how our bodies, hormone, priorities continue to change after having a baby. There are ways to make all of this easier and kinder for you and your partner.

This is not about getting back to s*x if you don't want to. My focus in my postpartum educating is helping couples meet each other where they are at, understand and support each other while being patient and kind.

There's plenty to talk about and laugh about, and also many tips to share for navigating this season. Throw on your comfy PJs, bring some wine. Popcorn and chocolate provided. Attend with or without your partner.

Thursday, 27 January, 8pm-9:30pm, at , Postjesweg 68


PREPARING FOR FATHERHOOD. 6 February 2022. We’ve confirmed the new date for our upcoming fatherhood workshop: 6 February...

6 February 2022.

We’ve confirmed the new date for our upcoming fatherhood workshop: 6 February. And with today’s news of the lockdown easing, we are very confident we will host it in person! QR codes will be checked. The classroom is very spacious and ventilated. And we are capping registration at 8 participants before opening a waitlist. So email pronto to reserve your spot. 🤩

Want to know what the workshop is all about?? Think of it as a feminist workshop for new dads, and sign up stat. 💋

Lunch is included. And we’re going to have so much fun! 🤗

WORDS OF APPRECIATION.⠀⠀Did you know that the number one indicator of whether a family reaches their breastfeeding goals...


Did you know that the number one indicator of whether a family reaches their breastfeeding goals is not access to a lactation consultant, amount of paid maternity leave, or education-level? It is whether or not the partner is vocally supportive of reaching the same goal.⠀

In my workshops I emphasize the importance of verbal acknowledgement and appreciation for each other in the postpartum period. The value of hearing "You are doing amazing," "I see how hard you are working for our baby," "I know you are tired, thank you for all of your effort" cannot be overestimated. The truth is that these moments of feeling seen and appreciated never stop being valuable and are an important part of any successful partnership. This week we were reminded of this...⠀

Ravi has been having a really hard time this past week. Meltdowns, hitting, and nonstop clinging all week. At night he wakes up screaming and thrashing, repeatedly. And then we all got nasty colds. I’ve felt completely drained, and often helpless. ⠀

As the week progressed everything felt harder and harder. Being screamed at throughout the day is not fun. It's a feeling of never succeeding, of never being enough. And it's emotionally taxing. I increasingly felt unacknowledged and sad.⠀

Atish shares household chores equally with me, often doing more actually. He's always available to me when I need help, and a fully involved father. I don't need more physical support from him. What I needed was acknowledgement & appreciation, so I knew my own efforts & struggles were being seen. Usually, I get this from him. But apparently, that's not been the case lately. Likely because Atish has also been stressed with work & obligations.⠀

Yesterday I kept telling myself that I'd talk to Atish. Last night, once the kids were in bed I was so close to feeling too exhausted to even bring it up. It felt easier to shut down for the evening and not go there. But I reminded myself of what I needed. This 5-minute conversation would be worth a better day tomorrow…

"Babe, I'm struggling and I really need to hear from you that you see my efforts and acknowledge that things are hard right now. I know you are super busy and you are always helping whenever you can. I don't need more from you physically. I just need to hear that you see me and appreciate me." A sweet, emotional 5-minute unload followed. It's all good. He totally got it. I feel better. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. ❤

Some announcements to share with you all! I will be finally resuming the monthly babywearing meetups in January! I'm rea...
Visit | The Labour Department

Some announcements to share with you all!
I will be finally resuming the monthly babywearing meetups in January! I'm really excited to get back to meeting people from the community and helping answer questions.

In January I will also begin a Dad Hang. This will be a fun chance for dads to come together with or without babies to connect, chat, and share. I'll be leading conversations on rotating topics.

AND... Once per month I will be hosting a session for new moms and dads to come together and talk about s*x, s*xuality, feeling touched out, exhausted, etc in the transition to parenthood.

All of these will be hosted by the fabulous Labour Department. You can see the schedule there, as well as on my website.

From products to workshops, everything is carefully curated with one goal in mind, empower you to take better care of yourself. The Labour Department is working hard for your happiness. Come hang with us Wednesday to Saturday 10-18. Postjesweg 68 1057 ED Amsterdam

WEARING YOUR BABY ON YOUR BACK. ⠀⠀The vast majority of traditional babywearing methods around the world are back carryin...


The vast majority of traditional babywearing methods around the world are back carrying. Yet the vast majority of consultations that myself and my colleagues do are for front carrying. Why is back carrying so much less utilized in Western societies these days? What are the benefits of back carrying? And when is it appropriate to wear our babies on our backs? What are some tips for starting to back carry? I cover all of this in my latest blog post. Link in BIO!⠀

📷 with my cousin . Did you know babywearing educating runs in the family? 🤪 With 4 kids and many more years of experience she is a pro!!

And our families love for wonderful all-age wraps and carriers. 💞



Cuddles are magic.

You don’t need to ration them. You can’t have too many of them, or give too many of them. There’s an infinite supply, they don’t run out, they don’t spoil.

They’re all good, day or night, any age, anywhere.

If your arms need a break from your child’s entirely normal need to be held a lot (and you should ideally be surrounded by people to help with this) - a good comfy carrier that fits you both can be a life-saver. The sling/carrier is a tool to help provide this close contact (which is where the magic lies) and also frees you to do stuff (that again ideally you should have people around to help with!). Have you found your local sling library or enthusiast? And remember, safety and comfort are both important.

What do you need to feel open to being intimate?⠀In the early postpartum months it is too easy for our basic needs & com...

What do you need to feel open to being intimate?

In the early postpartum months it is too easy for our basic needs & comforts to be quickly forgotten. We may lose track of the last time we showered, caught up with a friend, exercised, or had an hour to ourselves. Not only does this lack of time for self-care impact our sense of self, it also plays a big role in our energy & openness to connecting physically with our partner. It is hard to pour from an empty cup, and it's also hard to feel open to intimacy when we aren't connected to ourselves, especially if we feel some of our basic hygiene is lacking! 🪥🚿⠀

When I speak about physical intimacy, it's always important to point out that I am not assuming s*xual in*******se, or any type of s*x. I'm including all realms of physical intimacy that are so important to maintaining emotional intimacy in a relationship. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, flirting, massage... These things can feel difficult and foreign during our first postpartum months, but they remain important to our relationship and our mental health.🫂❤️⠀

Both partners need to have insight into what you each are in need of to fill your cup and feel physically open to intimacy. Write down a list for each other to keep in your inboxes, phones, bedroom closet door... wherever makes sense. Write your 3-5 most essential things you each need daily or weekly to feel open to intimacy. This is a reminder to each other to check-in and see that you are each getting your basic needs met. Not only is this essential self-care, it is the work you both need to do for your partnership. Just because this list is met doesn't mean you are automatically good-to-go. It's not that simple. But sharing your needs is important to acknowledging each other. And having a list to recognize that your partner is not getting their needs met is a very important practice.👏🏽⠀

I really recommend this exercise not only for postpartum families, but also for expecting couples. Share your lists with each other and talk about it. Put them somewhere visible. You can always update your list as you go. ✍️⠀

Everyone's list will be different, swipe through the slides for some examples. ✅✅✅

If anyone in the Netherlands has mother's milk to donate to a family in Utrecht it is deeply appreciated.

If anyone in the Netherlands has mother's milk to donate to a family in Utrecht it is deeply appreciated.

Wie helpt?
Reposted from Philippine van der Goes] DONEER MOEDERMELK
Ze kreeg tijdens haar zwangerschap rugklachten. Het werd erger en erger. Kon haast niets meer. Met 30 weken zwanger kreeg ze te horen dat ze uitgezaaide borstkanker had. Zo verschrikkelijk, zo onwerkelijk...
Ze is met 32 weken met hulp bevallen. Ze heeft haar liefste meisje Yala 7 dagen in haar armen kunnen houden. Daarna ging ze heen en liet ze niet alleen Yala maar ook twee meisjes van 2 en 4 jaar achter. En een door verdriet verscheurde man, familie en vrienden. Zo ongrijpbaar, zo verdrietig...

Haar grote wens is dat kleine Yala moedermelk krijgt. Zijn er mama's die afgelopen 3 maanden zijn bevallen en in de omgeving van Utrecht of Lelystad wonen die moedermelk willen doneren? Mag ook reeds ingevroren zijn. Het is heel welkom. Stuur Philippine van der Goes] een DM voor verdere details. Ook voor als je een steunbetuiging aan de kleine Yala en haar familie wil sturen.

Ps. De tante van Yala is een vriendin van philippine_vander_goes. Ik hoop dat ik hen een klein beetje kan helpen in deze moeilijke periode door deze oproep te plaatsten.


We’re doing it again! ⠀Preparing for Fatherhood workshop - 23 January 2022.  ⠀⠀After receiving wonderful reviews from th...

We’re doing it again! ⠀
Preparing for Fatherhood workshop - 23 January 2022. ⠀

After receiving wonderful reviews from the 10 fathers that attended our first workshop, Atish & I are excited to offer this workshop again in the winter. Based on reviews, we are expanding the workshop to be longer, allowing for more time to go deeper into the material and have more conversations. We will also be including a catered lunch in the middle of the workshop to allow for time to chat and connect. ⠀

Details can be found via the link in my bio.

EQUAL PARENTING.⠀Maintaining respect, teamwork, and humour in your relationship while taking care of a baby and figuring...

Maintaining respect, teamwork, and humour in your relationship while taking care of a baby and figuring out parenthood is no easy feat. Both partners need to have some insight into what parenthood entails and asks of them before they can start to think about what their goals are for supporting each other through this transition. ⠀

Atish and I have been through difficult trials and stressful stages. What has always helped us get back to being best friends rather than (contentious) housemates has been the fact that we both work equally to understand where we are each at, where our kids are at, and give each other the support we need to care for ourselves.⠀

When partners do not equally participate in the self-education that is required to become and be parents, then the mental load and responsibilities will not be equal either. And when partners do not have equal access to self-care, then mental health and connection falters. Research clearly shows us that couples with more equal distribution of family labor do better, experience less resentment, and even have better s*x. ⠀

Our workshop Preparing for Fatherhood is designed to help new and expecting fathers step into this new role of actively asking questions and finding answers when it comes to babies, supporting their partners, staying connected, and equal home participation. ⠀

The 3 October workshop is nearly full and we will be starting a waitlist soon. Email [email protected] to grab a spot! ⠀

We are excited to meet everyone and dive in!



“Traveling used to be refreshing in so many ways. It was time to unwind and do new things. Time to just lounge in a cafe...

“Traveling used to be refreshing in so many ways. It was time to unwind and do new things. Time to just lounge in a cafe and write in my journal. Time to wander aimlessly through a new city for hours. Time to focus on myself. Time to learn deeply about history and culture by doing homestays, language study, spending time in museums and walking tours. Time to feel alive riding for hours (or days) on wild bus journeys through mountain roads, backpacking into remote villages, hiking to isolated beaches. Time to dine fancy or go out dancing. It's none of those things anymore (at least not for now). ⠀

Parenting and all it details doesn't pause for a vacation or trip. You don't get “time-off” from your responsibilities when you travel with your kids. And in many ways parenting can be more intense when you need to care for your children where a pharmacist doesn't speak your language, or where your kids favorite foods are impossible to find, or when your baby is jet lag and you can't explain to them at 2am, 3am, 4am, and 5am why they need to [PLEASE] go back to sleep. Today, traveling with my kids is hard work, it's definitely not a vacation. But between the stressful and challenging moments, we find so much joy in sharing new places and cultures with our children. Seeing the world through their eyes and their questions is really special.” ⠀

My first blog post on traveling with babies & children is up! Along with a handful of favourite photos. The post introduces the 4 part series and includes the first part where I go into my thoughts and general advice for realistic travel as a family. The topics are: ⠀
• Zero Expectations - Zero Assumptions⠀
• “Hurry Up & Wait”⠀
• Don't be afraid to be adventurous.⠀
• Travel regularly. ⠀
• Engage locally.⠀
If you only read one part, make it “Engage locally.” It’s my most precious advice I can give. ⠀

And yes, I know writing about travel during a pandemic is poor timing but I’ve been meaning to put this all down in words for ages and it’s long overdue. So here it is, and I hope you get a chance to put it in practice when the time is right for your family.




Wees de eerste die het weet en laat ons u een e-mail sturen wanneer Adapting to Love nieuws en promoties plaatst. Uw e-mailadres wordt niet voor andere doeleinden gebruikt en u kunt zich op elk gewenst moment afmelden.


Stuur een bericht naar Adapting to Love:


About me

Hello! I’m Zyanya,* and I’m excited you want to learn more about babywearing!

Here’s a little about myself and my journey into babywearing…

I was introduced to babywearing while visiting family in the Netherlands in 2013. My cousin, who is a babywearing consultant, wore her young daughter with a beautiful woven wrap and made parenthood seem so easily integrated into her everyday life. She taught me a basic front carry with a wrap and I loved the concept. My introduction to babywearing was well before I had a child or even considered having children, so perhaps it was not the most common way one often learns about babywearing. Yet it felt natural, having a family member show me how to carry her daughter with a soft, beautiful piece of fabric, like she was passing an important tradition on to me. In that moment it was already understood that I would pass on this knowledge to my friends that were expecting babies and one-day use it for my own baby. I did not understand at that time how subversive babywearing remains in our culture today or how far we are from returning to a common tradition of each generation teaching the next how to carry our babies on our bodies.

Once I did have my own child I began to appreciate babywearing at a whole new level and it quickly became part of my day-to-day life. With each new carrier I tried and each new carry I mastered I was more excited to share my new knowledge with my friends and family. I continued to learn much more from my cousin, the internet, and attending my local community babywearing meetings. I began volunteering regularly with BWI Seattle to help others find effective and comfortable ways to carry their children, and I soon decided I wanted as much training and education as possible so that I could be more effective as an educator. I attended the Center for Babywearing Studies' Foundations course in NYC to learn more about sharing babywearing and become certified. The depth and breadth of material we covered impressed and amazed me. I am continually working to build on my skills as a consultant with the objective of fully supporting each parent's goals on their own journey.

Kleding Winkels in de buurt

Andere Baby-/Kinderproducten in Amsterdam

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I just really feel the need to share this event coming up in Amsterdam, I think it's such a wonderful and important initiative by Adapting to Love. When we talk about pregnancy, birth and beyond, there is so much focus on the mother, for natural reasons perhaps, but I think we sometimes forget that this is all new and involves a lot of changes and adjustment also for the father. They too need to be seen, heard, and prepared for what is to come
Vanmorgen kennis gemaakt met Zyanya van Adapting to Love. Eerlijk gezegd was ik door eigen ervaring 18 en 15 jaar geleden niet gelijk enthousiast over het dragen van baby's in wat voor drager dan ook.

Maar zoals Zyanya het vanmorgen voor deed en uitlegde met verschillende materialen zag het er zo comfortabel uit. Voor ouder en baby.

En zo wordt het dragen van je baby een mooie tool om zere armen te ontlasten. Je handen weer eens vrij te hebben. Het vertrouwen in jezelf als ouder te laten groeien.

Heb je vragen of twijfels over het dragen van je baby? Zyanya beantwoord ze graag voor je.
I am not the target audience for our Love After Baby workshop. ⠀

I already know too much! I’ve read a lot of the books, I have training in postpartum care, I have been through two Fourth Trimesters ™️ with my spouse, and I’ve walked with dozens of couples through theirs, as a doula. ⠀

This workshop is not for someone at my stage in the journey - but it is for pregnant couples and couples in the first few weeks of parenthood. ⠀

Me and my co-workshopper Adapting to Love love evidence-based education, and we love supporting the whole person. And if you’re adding a baby to your family, you need all of the unbiased info you can get and your “whole person” is now three people.⠀

Of the three of you, we know who you have prepared for the most. We know most of your education so far has been about your baby and newborn care.⠀

But what have you done to prepare your relationship and partnership for life with a baby?⠀

We guide you through researched ways to start tough convos with your partner, the mechanics of s*x after baby, and how to maintain and sustain emotional connection. ⠀

See you in June! (Link in bio).
We had a lovely circle yesterday with expecting mothers connecting and supporting one another. Stories and challenges were shared as well as tips in the chaos of combining pregnancy and work, sometimes added to caring for a little one full time and the current lockdown conditions, a recipe for stress! We closed with a much needed mindfulness meditation.

Thank you for joining us, remember you are not alone in this!
Ask for help, it is all around 💚

On top of this group here are some resources to further support you in these times:

- Atelier rencontre des Mamans - monthly ateliers hosted by founder Delphine Aide Maman Amsterdam - AMA - Kraamzorg Française and me (Experience Mindfulness and/or Doula Marjorie - Mindful Birth) - check out here Delphine's latest live Instagram with tips - - French speaking

- Le Village with Margaux Hennegrave (mothers volunteering to help expecting & new mothers) - French speaking - reach out if you need help!

- Facebook group Mothering the Mother: AMSTERDAM Post-Natal Support Network (English speaking equivalent to Le Village) - on volunteer basis

- Event from Angela Fusaro at and partners on Parenting & Work in Times of Covid-19 -

- For more mindfulness check out my page Experience Mindfulness - I offer mindfulness circles, mindful birthing courses to prepare for birth mindfully and the 8-week MBSR. Mindfulness is a wonderful resource to deal with stress and build resilience.

- Yoganida currently offers many courses for prenatal and postnatal support - here's one on self-care for new moms with baby - reach out to Marie-Laure Hauters for more

- Cécile Chaban can help with your couple challenges and has started this group for French speaking parents in NL lockdown

- Parent Support Village, a new project to foster community and support by Ola from Tiny Sleepyhead and Zyanya from Adapting to Love -

- For doula support reach out to us here Doula Marjorie - Mindful Birth, Fleur de Doula , Pascale's Healing Hands

And this list is certainly not exhaustive so feel free to share many resources here so we can support one another in these times.

With love,

Marjorie and the team at Nouvelles Mamans ❤️
I have been reading publications and understanding what Black Mothers go through in Childbirth. An article published by , David Williams, a global expert on the effects of race on health says that NHS in the UK needs to tackle racial bias. I am looking for more resources to understand how this works in The Netherlands too. I will come back with more resources as and when i learn and understand prejudices.

is a community standing up for Black Women in the UK. Did you know that Black Women in the UK are five times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth in comparison to White Women? This data is coming from MBRRSCE report (2018 - you can find the report on ) This is high time we fight this disparity. As a birth educator and POC I pledge to take part in learning more and to dismantle the disparity. Here is my selfie to help spread awareness

Here are more resources - Article on Why Black Mothers are at more risk of dying?

Harnessing the Outrage -
Study in The Netherlands - --Higher risk for women with non-western foreign background

Thank you for sharing .deyo Deyo Famuboni I promise to do better. To stand up and speak up. Thank you Adapting to Love for sending me more resources
✨They say it takes a village to raise a child.. They are right..✨
Over the last couple of years I came across great birth professionals in Amsterdam, without whom my own pregnancy journeys wouldn't be the same.. Hopefully you will find their support as helpful as I did..

Ombretta Dettori, Corinne Laan, Ola Wysocka, Tiny Sleepyhead, Adapting to Love, Bianca Alexiuc
I attended the baby-wearing workshop at Matka today and found it really helpful and informative. We got to see a selection of carriers and demonstration of a few as well as having any questions we had re: baby-wearing answered. She really knows her stuff. Nice venue, too.
This Saturday we hosted a lovely postpartum event with Marie-Laure Hauters from Yoganida. We had a full house of expecting parents looking for support and knowledge as they approach the early days of the parenting journey. Participants shared hugely enthusiastic and positive feedback after the workshop : they felt richer, more prepared and were grateful for the shared insights. One partner even shared that the afternoon was “enlightening” for him which put a smile on my face. An afternoon well spent for us all 😊

Of course life experience is our greatest teacher. One grows into a parent day by day, there is no manual, parenting is a continuous learning journey that challenges us to open our minds and hearts, invites us to evolve and expand our thinking every single day. That said having some awareness of what those early months look like, realistic expectations, and knowing how to tap into our rich inner resources to support our mental and physical wellbeing during this precious and vulnerable time is key. As is organizing proper support structures, communities or “tribes” to start this journey into motherhood / parenthood smoothly.

Thank you Mamma Minds Marieke van Luin, Ola from Tiny Sleepyhead and Zyanya from Adapting to Love for your presence and insightful sharing 🙏
Upcoming Events! Autumn is here, life gets busy, don't forget to take time for yourself and to get out of the house with (and without) your little ones! We have some wonderful meetups and workshops coming up in October and November. Check out Event Calendar for more info!

TODAY: Adjusting to the 4th Trimester hosted by Experience Mindfulness & Yoganida

OCT 3rd: Babywearing & Sharing Meetup hosted by Adapting to Love

OCT 4th: Indoor Play Meet Up at Monkeytown Amsterdam hosted by our wonderful MwM Volunteer Natasha!

OCT 31st: Mindful Birthing & Parenting Course with Aileen Kennedy Inner Source

NOV 2nd: Mothers Wellbeing Workshop with Aileen Kennedy Inner Source

NOV 10th: Expat Family Market - Fall 2019

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