TOSSIJN TOSSIJN is founded by Koen Tossijn who’s on a journey to build a non-seasonal wardrobe of everyday clothing designed & made to last. "By bringing the things we surround ourselves with back to a minimum, we create more time and space."

Koen started in 2008 with the goal to design and make one non-seasonal collection of basic clothing on the highest level by tailoring them himself. His first product was a made-to-measure jeans. Every tiny detail was sweated over, researched, altered, updated and improved. Time after time, jeans by jeans, customer by customer. This approach was the start of a continuous research into the perfection of existing archetypes that are the base for wardrobe. Today Tossijn opened it's first store in Amsterdam with the first ready to wear pieces. A sweater, T-shirt and jeans.


Zeedijk 59-A


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