Labonie Laboni shawls and scarves are a reminder for self-driven women to re-connect with their inner selves. COMFORTABLE AND ELEGANT

Strong, everlasting Labonies are legacies that you enjoy wearing for years and pass on to your daughters or loved ones.
2. Wear your soft, luxurious, intricately embroidered Labonies as you curl up cosily on a sofa on chilly days to feel comfortable and chic at the same time.
3. Wear your Labonie at work to boost your confidence so that you can be your best in meetings and get noticed, while fee

ling comfortable and relaxed in your attire. With the unique Labonie colors, enjoy making any outfit chic and highlight the colours of your eyes or hair so that you can shine in the spotlight your uniqueness. Enjoy the everlasting Labonie styles to finally stop wasting hours getting your look right and let go of your worries about making a fashion faux pas. Fulfill your desire to shop sustainably with Labonie that is a brand for SLOW FASHION so that you own quality over quantity.
2. Inspired by nature, Labonie’s beautiful shades bring the outdoors to you in chilly weather, so that you can boost your mood and create your own joie de vivre on those grey sky days. A personal style video-consultation with Labonie’s Creator, Ruchika to find the best shawl for an unforgettable gift for you or that special friend, family member to tell them how much they mean to you.


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