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"Jewelry Lady" Rachel Perry Accessory Stylist with Premier Designs Jewelry Hi! I'm Rachel Perry, your FAVORITE (and crazy) jewelry lady!! Having been with Premier for 6 years, I developed an understanding of how and why it's important to accessorize....I mean, who doesn't want to lose 10 lbs JUST by wearing a pair of earrings, right?

"Have Jewelry. Will Show." LOL. I have THE best job, EVER!!! Here's my job description: *Must love to eat brownies. (um, yes please!) *Must be able to read and copy fashion tips and ideas from others. (duh!) *Must be willing to accessorize....(clearly...did I mention you can lose 10lbs?) *Must like people. (LOVE) *Must want to make superbly good money. (yup!) *Must love to show women HOW to feel good about themselves just by adding jewelry. (um, what? how cool is that?) "Have a Friend. Want Jewelry for Free." Okay, so the coolest thing is that if you want jewelry for free, all you have to do is get in touch with me. I can hook you up, ladies!!! "Smiles. A Must." I have had the privilege of bringing smiles to people's faces JUST by meeting people on my page, doing jewelry shows, having Facebook parties, and connecting one on one outside of Facebook. I simply love what I do! Thanks for visiting my page! ;)

Operating as usual


It's been a while since I've been on this page. Life suddenly got cray cray. :) But I'm missing my fabulous fans!! How ARE YOU??? :)


Okay, who wants a catalog (and coupon) of the Spring/Summer collection? Just message me your addy and I'll get one one the mail to you...(well my amazing assistant Danielle will)!!


Getting my hair did today....think I'm going darker!! What the what?!!


I need your help, ladies....you up for it? (Everyone nods) I'm doing a little research....
Okay, so if I was to contact you (don't worry, I'm not going to...), would you rather be contacted by text, Facebook message, email, or a phone call?
THANK YOU!!! Mwah!!


Girls! Ring Sale is TOMORROW!! If don't want to miss it, you need to be part of my closed Sample Sale group. The link is in the comments!


Where are my Downton Abbey Fans? I LOVE it but still catching up on Season 3!! :)


Let's "ring" in the New Year with a sale on rings, shall we?? It'll all take place in my Sample Sale group next week!!!! Not a part of the group? The link is in the comments!!


Okay I have to confess....I have a new addiction. Any time I want to procrastinate, I go to Instagram and look at all the pictures connected to the hashtags. It's so cool! And so much fun! Am I the only one #addicted?


So the question must be asked...what are you doing tonight to celebrate? Me? We'll, I'll prob watch a movie with the hubby and drink some champagne. We are so exciting! LOL


OH EM GEE!!! It is ON!! The giveaway, I mean!! But it's not on this page....it's on Instagram!! Y'all, get on over there and check out @jewelryladyrachelperry or just click on the tab above! ^^^ There's a leopard scarf up for grabs! What the what? :) Just sayin!!


"What's a happening hot stuff?" Remember that line? What movie is it from?


I see a SUPER fun giveaway in the very near future!! But it won't be here it'll be over on Instagram!! Make sure you're following me @jewelryladyrachelperry in order to be entered to win!!!! #ilovegiveaways #leopardscarflover


Okay y'all, I'm sitting in traffic with nothing to do (don't worry, the hubby is driving)...anyway, now that this jewelry lady is on Instagram, I want to follow you too! What're your Instagram handles?


Who's on Instagram?? I am!! Find me!! Once we reach 50 followers I'm going to do a giveaway! Woot!!! It's jewelryladyrachelperry! See you over there!!


Any Voxer fans out there? I'm obsessed. And by obsessed, I do mean, OBSESSED. (It's a walkie talkie app!) Anyway, I was just having a Voxer conversation with one of my friends which my hubby overheard and proceeded to balk at. He didn't understand why I wasn't just calling her. But here's the thing....a short and sweet convo is so much easier for me than having a longer one....I've got kids! Anyone with me on this?


Did y'all miss it? Check out what's going on below!! Woot!! A few more people to go until I reach 20!


Okay, so I'm seeing all of these beautifully decorated trees in pictures on Facebook. So riddle me this....do YOU decorate your tree or allow your kids to decorate it?


Okay, so comment below with your preference. What kind of sale would you prefer? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The one with the most votes wins!! :)


Anyone in the mood for a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday Sale?


I met the LOVELIEST wardrobe consultant last night....PLUS she was British....so you know my accent came out which is super embarrassing b/c it's half British and half American....and today I'm all sorts of muddled because I keep using English words and my kids are completely confused...but I digress....I'm thinking of asking her some "fashion" questions if you will. So tell me, my wonderful fans....what sorts of questions would you like answers to?


Y'all! It's only days until Thanksgiving and just 36 until Christmas. HOW did that happen?


Okay so I'm loving the random things posts that everyone is doing right now. And it got me thinking...what is one random thing I don't know about you. Here's one about me....don't judge (LOL)....I don't like veggies. It's so bad....but so true. Okay, your turn!! :)


Wanna know what drives me crazy? (I'm clearly going to share even if you're not interested...) The fact that my skinny jeans (there IS something wrong with the fact that this girl just said she's wearing skinnies, fyi) keep falling down...and it's not because they're too big...it's because they have stretch in them and my muffin top pushes them down. There, I said it. My muffin top. ut am I going to stop wearing them? Nope. I'm going to continue to pull them up by the belt straps in hopes they miraculously stay up and that I don't make holes in trying to keep them up. That is all. Good day.


The one thing I dread each year at this time is carving the pumpkin. Blech! It grosses me out beyond belief. Thankfully, my hubby usually does it with the kids. This year, however, it's looking like it might fall on my shoulders. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Anyone else hate it as much as I do?


12815 Ashton Oaks Dr
Fairfax, VA


(571) 212-3571


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