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If you say that European nations are the most powerful, most will agree.

If you say the United States is the most powerful, again most would agree.

If you say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, most people will agree

If you say the US is the most corrupted, those same people will get in their feelings. As if the US got to be a world power by being nice and playing fairly. Slavery is older on the US soil than the country itself. For over 300 years black people were r***d and hung on trees just to name a few. If you believe that the US is not corrupted it is because you also believe that black life does not matter. Just be man and women enough to say that instead of looking for justification in order to feel better about yourself and your ancestors.


To all the African Americans who claim that they are not Africans....

When Africa reclaims its position as the world power and the US fails, just be sure to keep that same energy.

Because I know many of you have become so American that you are opportunities


White superiority is a myth


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I must say I am a little embarrassed because this revolution that is beginning in Africa should in my opinion have started in Haiti. Maybe it did in 1804. But today we have become cowards. While Africa is standing up to defend its territory its people and the future generation of Africans from colonial powers, from imperialism, from colonization from europeanism, from capitalism, from exploitation-

Haiti the first group of prisoners of war to liberate themselves from the colonial devils. Today we are marching and asking the same race of people who r***d and abused us for help. Today we are asking for a chance. Liberty is not given but it is taken. It's a shame because we're the one who illustrated the phrase Liberty or death. But now we refuse to fight for our Liberty. We choose to be beggars and without shame praying to the same God that they used to enslave us instead of holding on to the gods that liberated us. I am proud of you Africa, let that fire burn and shine like the Sun that you are. A true African and a true Haitian is not afraid of fire- for we have the ability to walk on fire. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

I've never seen a Christian eat fire but a true African can have fire for lunch ✊🏿πŸ”₯✊🏿

Oneunited Africa one United black alliance βœŠπŸΏπŸ–€βœŠπŸΏ

Oneunited Africa one United black alliance βœŠπŸΏπŸ–€βœŠπŸΏ

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Africa, I am so fu***ng proud of you βœŠπŸΏπŸ–€βœŠπŸΏ πŸŒ…

Ase βœŠπŸΏπŸ–€βœŠπŸΏ

Ase βœŠπŸΏπŸ–€βœŠπŸΏ

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It is imperative that we become intelligent people if we ever wish to liberate ourselves and the future generation of black boys and girls. Do you not realize that it cost you absolutely nothing as black men and women to learn that you were enslaved by the Europeans? People of melanin/Hue- Africans and Haitians... We are the only people on this planet that have to pay in order to learn our history while everybody else learns theirs for free. You want to learn about African history?

You must purchase books.
You must have internet access.
You must pay the white man to enter his museums that are filled with your stolen history and artifacts.

The Chinese grows up learning his history
The Japanese grows up learning his history
The Jews grow up learning their history
The Arabs grows up learning his history
The Europeans grows up learning his history

We grow up being told that our history starts with slavery, and as you can see the way we conduct ourselves is as such. We as blacks have over 200,000 years of History and we're the only one with the history that old. The European along with slavery interrupted your history. While everyone else grows up learning their history we grow up being told that are started with slavery. If we wish to know our story before slavery we have to pay the white man to see the belongings of our ancestors that he stole in order to disrupt and dismantle your story and identity.


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One of the many reasons why we cannot get ahead as a people is because when it comes to the Europeans we pay more attention to their words than to their actions. When it comes to our own people we pay more attention to our actions then I work. The reason why that is a problem is because their words and actions are completely opposite. The irony is because we pay more attention to their words and they have a monopoly on information by actions that would mean that our actions for lack of are based on their words. This would mean that they control us 🫨

Slavery got a facelift and now you can't recognize it. Today that enslavement is mental systematic.


In an attempt to justify and derail from the conversation Europeans love to say that Africans so they're on people. Now you would have to be extremely naive to give any value to the justification of why a group of people committed the greatest genocide against your ancestors.

First off that is not true, but even if it was, even if it was.... If I had to choose being sold over being beaten, strict of my name, strip of my identity, being r***d, being burned alive, being eaten, being hung on trees and going through Jim Crow just to name a few... Sign me up for being sold. The act of being sold is not evil in itself. But to r**e men or women and children for hundreds of years.... The act of being sold is not evil in itself but being burned alive for hundreds of years..... The act of being sold is not evil in itself.... But being stripped of my identity and humanity for hundreds of years... The act of being sold is not evil in itself, but being hung on trees for White entertainment...


Europeans will pride themselves on the fact that they are a minority but yet achieved at conquering the world.

We have a world that is controlled by a group of people who "conquered" the world by destroying nature and the natural people. Ra**ng black men women and children. Burning them alive. Hanging them on trees. Eating them. Giving them disease and last but not least exploiting them and their continent. The wealth and power today is a result of a destructive and evil nature. If you have to destroy others in order to be great, are you really great? If you need to use and exploit others in order to build your wealth then that would mean that you started off with No wealth. If in the year 2023 Europeans can still be prideful about "conquering" the world despite the fact that they had to literally destroy and kill entire races of people for hundreds of years, about 3,000 years to be exact... Do you really believe that there is any hope for humanity or the black race going forward.

With this revelation there is no need to wonder why we live in a world today that is filled with violence, poverty, pain, destruction hunger and misery. The mass majority of the world lives in poverty and misery thanks to the "conquering" of this specific group of people. Pain, suffering and poverty is not natural! It is engineered in order to conquer. This eurocentric world reality is based and created on the ideology of conquering and dominating rather than living as one with nature and others. They are unqualified and incapable of creating a peaceful world- and that is based on historical facts and the present reality of the world that we still live in in the year 2023.


🌍✨ Unveiling the Origins of the Term "Africa": A Journey through History ✨🌍

The word "Africa" carries deep historical significance, representing the diverse and rich heritage of the continent. In this blog post, we will embark on a captivating journey through time to uncover the true origins of the name "Africa" and dispel the misconception that it was given by a white man. Prepare to have your understanding expanded as we explore the roots of this remarkable term, tracing it back to ancient times and shedding light on the Roman conquest of the region. Additionally, we will address the claim that the term "Africa" originated from Arab traders. Let's dive into the fascinating tapestry of history and culture as we unlock the secrets behind the name "Africa."

Origins of the Word "Africa":
The name "Africa" finds its origins in the ancient languages that shaped the continent's history. One theory links it to the Egyptian word "Afru-ika," which means "Motherland." This interpretation highlights Africa's deep connection to its earliest civilizations, particularly Ancient Egypt, which played a crucial role in shaping the continent's cultural and historical identity.

Another theory suggests a connection between the Greek word "aphrike" and the Latin word "aprica." Both words convey the meanings of "without cold" and "sunny" respectively, which resonate with Africa's generally warm climate and abundant sunshine. While these Greek and Latin influences have contributed to the name, it is essential to acknowledge that they only capture a fraction of the continent's complex history and diverse cultures.

Roman Conquest and the Adoption of the Term:
During the expansion of the Roman Empire, the region now known as North Africa, referred to as "Africa Proconsularis," became an integral part of their territories. The renowned Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (236-183 BCE) played a pivotal role in the Second Punic War against Carthage and its legendary general, Hannibal. Scipio Africanus, son of Publius Cornelius Scipio and Pomponia, emerged victorious.

In the aftermath of the Roman conquest, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus adopted the name "Africanus" as an honorific title. This tradition among Roman generals involved adopting the names of conquered territories to commemorate their triumphs. It is important to note, however, that this adoption did not establish the term "Africa" itself. The name had already been in use to refer to the continent even before the Roman conquest.

Preceding the Roman Era:
Contrary to popular belief, the term "Africa" predates the rise of the Roman Empire. Ancient Egyptian and Phoenician records provide evidence of the name "Africa" being used to denote the land south of the Mediterranean and west of the Nile. These early references predate the Roman conquest, emphasizing the long-standing presence of the term in the region.

The Arab Influence and the Name "Alkubland":
While Arab traders undoubtedly influenced the history and culture of Africa, it is crucial to address the claim that the name "Africa" originated solely from Arab traders. The term "Alkubland," often associated with Africa's Arabic name, has been attributed to medieval Arab cartographers and geographers. It is important to recognize that the term "Africa" was already firmly established before the arrival of Arab traders in the region.

The term "Africa" carries a profound legacy, rooted in the continent's ancient civilizations and diverse cultures. While the Roman conquest introduced the adoption of the name by Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, it is vital to understand that the term "Africa" predates the Roman Empire. Additionally, attributing the term solely to Arab traders overlooks the rich heritage and diverse origins of the name. "Africa" represents the vast tapestry of the continent, embracing its ancient civilizations, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cultures. Let us celebrate the enduring legacy of Africa, embracing its remarkable journey through time.

To read the full story and delve deeper into the origins of the term "Africa," visit our website: []. Discover the untold chapters of history that shape our understanding of this incredible continent.

Apran refleche

Apran refleche

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π“π€π‡π€π‘πŠπ€ (Sudanese Pharaoh who ruled Egypt)

Taharka was a pharaoh of the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, also known as the Cush Dynasty. He reigned during the period known as the Third Intermediate Period, around the 7th century BC. Taharka is considered one of the most powerful and influential pharaohs of the Cush Dynasty.

Taharka was a member of the Nubian royal family of Cush, a region located in present-day Sudan. He succeeded his father, Piye, as pharaoh and continued his family's expansionist policy in Egypt. Under Taharka's reign, the Kush Empire reached its zenith, stretching from Upper Egypt to the Nile Delta.

In addition to his military achievements, Taharka is remembered for his patronage of art and architecture. He made several additions and restorations to Egyptian temples, especially in the south of the country. One of the most significant projects was the construction of the Temple of Amun in Kawa, an important religious center during his reign.

Taharka also played an important role in Egyptian history due to the conflicts he had with Assyria. He led military campaigns to try to resist the Assyrian Empire's expansion into Egypt. However, eventually he was defeated by the Assyrian king Esarhaddon, and Egypt was annexed to Assyrian rule.

Despite the defeat, Taharka is remembered as a powerful pharaoh and an important figure in Egyptian and Nubian history. His resistance to foreign invaders and his patronage of the arts left a lasting legacy. His reign also marked the final decline of the Kush Empire and the end of Nubian influence in Egypt.


When we will we we have enough sense to realize that the Europeans went around killing and r p ing Africans for hundreds of years and forcing religion upon them. Both Christianity and Islam!

Today Africa as well as Haiti has more Christian churches and organizations on their soil than anytime in history- as churches multiplied in Africa in Haiti- the more divided Africans and Haitians are. The more churches and Christian organizations in Haiti and in Africa, the more the misery has increased, the more poverty, the more pain and the more destruction. Haiti 150 years ago had less churches, less Christians... You want to know what else they had less of... They had less poverty, less suffering, less hunger, no kidnapping and less killing....

The ignorant and indoctrinated likes to convince you that the problem that Haiti is in is a result of voodoo. When Haiti was 100% voodoo they freed themselves and were the pearl of the Caribbeans. Now this is not a belief, feeling or what I think. This happens to be a m************ fact. You don't have to agree with me. I just wish that you would learn to use your head.


The West got into power and dominance through organized violence. For over a thousand years that violence was aimed and directed specifically on Africans, people of melanin/Hue-. There are no other people on this planet with a greater or equal History of violence than the European nations. That is indeed a matter of fact. Literally everyone they came in contact with face and met with great violence on a scale that the world has never known.

After so many centuries of violence, people of melanin/hue- Africans and Haitians have been so indoctrinated and dehumanized that they have us unable and unwilling to return violence with violence. They are so clever that they have gotten us willing to be violent amongst each other but most of us will never violently defend ourselves from our historically violent enemy.

Do you know how they did this? They did it by means of religion that conditions you to turn the other cheek and tells you to love your enemy. Slaves honor your master. You don't find it interesting that the European race is the one that brought Christianity to Africa and burned our ancestors alive to force them to accept this God and religion- but interestingly enough they who gave you this religion never practiced it.



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