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The Mask Mami page to showcase my mom's mask business for easy access to everyone, purchasing information will be INFORMATION ON ORDERING:

1. Stephanie & Adriana

This page contains photo albums with fabric options. I have recently deleted and reuploaded all prints so that I could break them down into categories. The albums are categorized to make it easier to browse through so many options! Please keep in mind that character fabrics do vary in appearance as the print is different all over, so not every mask can have perfectly centered characters or all of

the characters included. The graphics also vary in size so some may fit more stuff than others. If you want something specific to show on the print please ask first. These masks are 3 layers, the middle layer is an interfacing that serves as a filter. She has done the test where you try to blow out a match with it on and it doesn’t blow it out. She tries to use only 100% cotton. Feel free to ask if you are looking for something specific, we are always looking for new things and if she can do it she will

2. She is working extremely hard to complete orders. Please take into consideration that these are CUSTOM MADE and she adjusts them to sizing for everyone’s face shape. Her masks are in high demand so it is hard for her to have them premade, especially because everyone is a different face size and shape. She has gotten new elastic that has a bead to adjust it tighter or to make it more loose if needed. If you are a local and have a sizing issue with a mask she has made, she will fix it. Small orders may take less time than larger orders as she is only one person making them. Orders are running a few days to a week right now especially since school has started and she has kids at home to help. Orders of 10 or more may take at least a week because she has a lot of orders coming in and is the only person making them so please be patient with her. If you need your masks within a certain time frame, please ask before ordering.

3. PRICING: all orders are $10 for both adults and kids, the kids masks are the same amount of work if not more so the price had to go up. If a mask is more than $10 it will say in the description of the fabric or mask sample picture. You can pay with cash or Zelle as preferred payment methods or Venmo if you have neither of the first two. CASH IS ONLY ACCEPTED FOR LOCALS. NO DISCOUNTS ARE OFFERED FOR LARGE QUANTITIES AT THIS TIME. She is one person making custom masks and her pricing is more than reasonable for the cost of materials and her time. She is not a factory and cannot offer discounts when the cost of materials is really overpriced right now. She does appreciate repeat customers and those with large orders. She will show her appreciation if she can.

4. DELIVERY/PICKUPS: if you are a las vegas local you can pick up at her house in Summerlin. We are not offering delivery at this time. OUT OF TOWN: we can ship to you but you need to pay the shipping cost, this cost is calculated by the weight of your package. PAYMENT NEEDS TO BE MADE BEFORE THE PACKAGE IS SENT OUT.

5. MASK CARE: preferably hand wash and air dry. If you are going to machine wash, we still suggest air drying because the adjuster beads are silicone and may be damaged in the heat of the dryer. Try to lay it out to its form while drying. Since these are cotton, they may shrink or stretch from wash. If it is kind of wrinkly after drying you can iron it out and it should be good again

6. TO ORDER: If you know us personally you can contact our personal pages to order, otherwise please message this page and we will go from there.

7. HOW TO WEAR YOUR MASK PROPERLY: Remember that the pointy/angled part goes over your nose for more room to breath, the flat edge goes around your chin area. IF THE FLAT EDGE IS ON YOUR NOSE IT IS UPSIDE DOWN

Thank you!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying healthy and safe! We are still offering masks to anyone that needs them and are st...

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying healthy and safe! We are still offering masks to anyone that needs them and are still holding the 3 for $25 special for adults and 3 for $18 for kids under 12

All of our prints up are still available so don’t hesitate to send a message for questions and orders! We are still offering keychains and still have another new project coming soon as well! As always, thank you for the continued support, this post will reshare school/teacher friendly prints for a friend to share with her teacher friends!


We’re so happyyou guys are liking the keychains so far! We do have more stuff on order to experiment with.

We also have another new project coming soon! If you guys have suggestions on what products you’d like to see, let us know! We may not be able to fulfill every request but we will try!

Custom orders are always welcome :)


Happy Pride Month to our LGBTQIA+ followers & friends!

A couple more samples of keychains! remember we can do these in almost ANY of our mask fabrics!

A couple more samples of keychains!

remember we can do these in almost ANY of our mask fabrics!

This one is SOLD but can make another with same fabric. Limited amount of this fabric is left

This one is SOLD but can make another with same fabric. Limited amount of this fabric is left

SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU GUYS OUR NEW KEYCHAINS!!!! Will be able to make from almost all our mask fabrics just ask 🙂 Prici...

SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU GUYS OUR NEW KEYCHAINS!!!! Will be able to make from almost all our mask fabrics just ask 🙂

Pricing is as follows:
Plain key fob: $5
Key fob with plain pom pom: $8
Key fob with BOW pom pom: $11

The ones in the pictures are all made and ready to sell
The purple sparkly with the purple pom pom is already sold
Tie dye with blue pom pom is sold

Pom poms are currently in limited amounts since we only ordered a small amount to try out the products. Please ask if you have any questions or want specific color pom poms and i can check what is available at the moment. All the fabrics are still available. As always just message or comment for ordering, i will message you if we have any further questions. Thanks!


Check the page story for a sneak peak of our new key fob/ keychain option! Will be posting pictures and details to the page shortly :)


We’re thinking about new ideas for using the fabric that we have since we know a lot of you are no longer in need of masks as much

How do you guys feel about doing key fob keychains out of the fabrics? We’re looking into the materials and have some great ideas for them


Hi Everyone!

We know business may slow down with new guidelines but we will still be here offering mask services for those of you who will continue to wear masks for whatever your personal choice may be.

We are thinking of other ideas on new things to offer because we still have so many fabrics and many of them untouched!

As always we thank you guys for your continued support, stay safe!


Happy Mother’s Day!!
Feliz Dia de las Madres!!!!


Hello everyone! Happy First Day of May!

We just wanted to take some time to update you all. We are sorry we haven’t really been active on the page through March and April. We had a lot going and my mom was also having a lot of doctor’s visits and therapy. We are finally back and ready to start taking more orders now that we’re caught up again.

Everything that is up is current, there’s about 300+ fabric options, let us know if your’re looking for anything specific.
Masks are still $10 each or we are keeping the 3 for $25 sale as well. As always, we appreciate everyone’s continued support and business.
- Steph & Adriana





so we have decided to keep the 3 for $25 special running until further notice since you guys seem to really like it. We have over 300 fabric options and continue to look for new things.

We have a lot of stuff for st. patrick's day and easter so please take a look and put your orders in so we can clear out some of that stock :)

as always, thanks for your continued support!

Sparkly easter bunnies

Sparkly easter bunnies


Las Vegas, NV



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