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Pokey's Piercing We take great pride in our professionalism and clean atmosphere. Stop by during business hours and check us out! Here at Pokey's Piercing, we strive for perfection.

We provide you with a professional staff, excellent work, and high quality jewelry. WALK-INS WELCOME. due to our small facility and small number of staff a wait time of 30 min or longer can occur on our busy days. for this we apologize ahead of time and provide some form of entertainment for those who come in and have to wait.

Operating as usual


I will not answer any more questions on here if you want help or have an emergency contact me via 5414040141. Thanks


Hello. I apologixmze if anybody’s family is suffering from covid 19. Now or in the past. I wanted to reach out and say I’m doing everything I can. During this crisis to aid anybody having dire issues w their piercings as well as doing private 1 on 1. Apointments to eliminate the spread of covid 19. From. Contact w my shop. I wipe the entire area doorknobs and all and haven’t had anybody in. Seeming nor actually sick w the disease. But I take every precautionary measure. That I’m a let you in order to. Slow or stop the pandemic while still catering to the needs of the very very few who have asked me to. Help them. If you need anything please do t hesitate and call 5414040141. Pokeys staff will be happy to assist you in attaining a proper time to meet w out being at risk. While your I. The building. With. Us. Thanks and we hope to hear from ya soon


Goodevening to all. I’m offering 25 dollar piercings to close. Don’t respond to this message cause I’ll most likely not be BBC able to answer I’ll be here till 10 just stop in if you want to take advantage of this amazing offer. Thanks. Pokey


Hello y’all. I’m here tonight for a few hours starting now stop in if you want a deal on piercings. 😉!


Hello guys currently my opening time is 5pm. Sorry for any inconvinience. Until I can. Stop. Working my other job I’m set at opening at 5 for a while. I’ll still take apointments. If they are set in advance before 5. Tho. Just call 5414040141 to make an apointment for that


Hello everybody. Sorry I been out. For a bit but. I’m finally. Recovering from my appendix being removed and. I’m. Gonna be at the shop in about. 15 min. If anybody wants a piercing for 30 bucks. Stop in Hopfully. Everybody’s new year went. Well also have an amazing night.


Last chance for the buy one gift certificate for a piercing and get one gift certificate for equal or lesser value free. I’m here at the shop now. And will be till about 7.


Today only. Gift certificates. Available. Buy one piercing via gift certificate receive another gift certificate for an equal or lesser value. Piercing free. Happy holidays. To all from pokeys


Anyone with questions please message Preston as I am piercing he is the guy to talk to for prices thank you pokeys staff


I will be in today from 3-5:30
I can do
Belly buttons
Contact me or preston at 503-586-8438


I’m open come on down


Hey y’all. Yes it’s pokey. So I’m still here for now. I’m working out complications. So I can go but. Turns out I’ll be here a bit longer. But. Besides that I’m throwing another piercing night sale. Just dropped my boys off after an amazing weekend with them. And I’m going to my shop about 630 y’all wanna after tonight’s the only night to do so. Name your price and like a salesman I’ll haggle back and fourth w ya till we both agree on prices. 😉. I’m pretty easily a pushover. So. Let’s see how good your. Skills are at getting a great deal on a car. Lol


Txt me at 5414040141 to get in tonight or just come in I’ll be here till 10pm


Hi everybody. So this will most likely be my last. Post so tonight. Will be the very last night to come see me. Here at pokeys. I’m doing a 30 any piercing deal and that’s any piercing. Period thanks for everybody’s support. Over the last 13 years and. If I get to stay here I’ll see ya again if not. I’ll see y’all In 3 years when I get back w my doctorate and open a dr pokeys. Store. 🙂.
Thanks a lot. Douglas. /. Pokeys owner


And I hope everybody’s. Having a great week. And happy early thanksgiving;)


Hi everybody. I’m pulling up to my shop right now. And. I call this power hour. Anybody that shows up. In the next two hours gets a 25 dollar piercing. So maybe I’ll see some of u here.


Hello guys finally fixed my Facebook. Today only. Walkin basis I’m doing 25 piercings. No private’s or. Spec level piercings. Meaning basic body piercing only. You must mention this post or you will not get the discount. I’m going to repeat this. Only once. You have to mention this post on pokeys page or you will not get the discount.


I phone found if any of the people in this last week lost one contact me at my buisness phone #


I wanted to say Thankyou for all the people that care for the. Event yesterday. I was here till 1230 am. Finishing all of you That came to support pokeys. That. Was a 16 hour day w no break. At all and I’m looking forward. To the headache charity event I’m putting together. We did 52 piercings yesterday at the 25 dollar event. And pokeys. Thanks each and every person that attended. We didn’t make much money even tho it sounds like we made a lot. I offer only titanium and push pin style jewelry. Now. So the nostrils I gave out for 25 each cost me. 20 to do. That way everybody can understand. Jewelry in Oregon. Isn’t just crap. It’s actually. Required to have. It and use it in all shops across Oregon. I’m happy to be a shop that complies to that rule. And I’m happy to provide. To the community from time to time. A charity or I’d like to call it a Thankyou for. Supporting me. These past 13 years and being the reason I’m still here as a buisness. So. Here it is. Thank you all. Every single one of you. My headache day is to show we care and want to help this community in any and every way. We can. We all need to. Pitch in. Not just you all who support me. But all the businesses. In this area. And lend a hand. At least once in a while. It’s not that hard to offer a day where u give back. If everybody did it. Man just imagine the lives that could be. Changed. Seriously. Everybody needs somthing if u can provide it. Give back one day. A year at the very least. I’m estimateing. The headache day so far costing me out of pocket. That does not mean what I would have made it means what I had to spend. To be able to. Put on an event. As big as this Approximate 2300. I’m still working things out w Brian Brannon the amazing artist who private contracts out of here at pokeys. That is our tattoo artist About him holding a 50 dollar flash day / walk in small enough tattoos. He can easily do. As many as possible. For a decent. Donation or small to very small setup fee. So we’ll see about that. Also we will have hot dogs and hamburgers bbq. In the courtyard. Out front for lunch and dinner. Free just come support us and show your love. Like we do to you all. And. Let everybody know. What we are and what we do for the community. Cause. We care. More than any one of you know. I’ll leave it at that for now. After it gets planned the rest of the way we will post it. W a 4ish day advance. Thanks again

Pokey. And. Brian.


Surprise day. No it’s not the headache piercing announcement it’s a 25 dollar piercing day. Medicinal ones are not. Part of the deal so they are normal price today but. Most all the basic piercings. Are. 25. Today only



Ok I’m excited. I hope you all are. I will be announcing any day the time of my free headache piercing day so keep an eye out for my notification.


Omg.  Maria’s Mexican and tai restaraunt is. Amazing. Pad kee mao.    Delicious.    Definately.  The best in town

Omg. Maria’s Mexican and tai restaraunt is. Amazing. Pad kee mao. Delicious. Definately. The best in town


Ok to clarify fo everybody I am a 13 year veteran piercer. I hold all licenses that Oregon offers. That’s basic. Specialty level 1. And specialty level 2. I am the only piercer anywhere who offers the medicinal alternative piercings Besides the headache and weight loss ones. In Whitch I don’t believe the weight loss one works. And neither the headache one unless placement is achieved precisely and that also goes for the rest that I offer. I did my own clinical trials in my office on hundreds of willing clients in order to. Know what ones I can offer and can’t. So there fore I am the only person not only qualified but the only person I’ve ever even heard of. Period that does any of these piercings. That’s 100 percent honesty. And. If your curious. Do not allow anybody to do somthing for you that is not either fully trained in it or is not under direct supervision of sombody whom is. I honestly do not even allow my apprentices to even attempt medical alternatives. Anymore I learned the hard way. That being said I hope you all understand i wish the best for all and in saying what I have. Am trying to make sure you understand getting a medicinal piercing is kinda like. Dr 90210. You don’t really wanna go to 2nd best if that. Lol. That was a joke. Hopfully this informs. All of those who aren’t quite understanding. Of. The fact I am the most qualified. In the med alternative fuels and the only one who offers and created the aspect of 90 percent of them.

Best wishes


Hi. Y’all. Apologies. For. Not being. Available. I’m. Passing. Reed sport. Now. Call 5414040141 if. Anybody wants or needs to. See me at the shop. I’ll be 30 min. Before I’m back in town. But. I’m more than happy. To. Help anybody that. Wants or needs


Hello I apologize for the inconvenience of not being available the past week. I have been getting over the flu and taking care of some much needed. Things. I will be in on Monday. Thanks guys

I wanted to share this  left by sombody from Washington state I helped out. In the middle of having the flu

I wanted to share this left by sombody from Washington state I helped out. In the middle of having the flu


Good morning to all. I hope spring break is amazing for everybody. I’m getting over that crazy flu that’s been going around. I’m pretty sure I ain’t felt that sick in years if at all. If the flu gets any worse in the coming years I don’t even wanna know. How that’s gonna feel. I’m a naturalist now days so I do not take medicine or flu shots I’m trying to let my body get back to. Being able to fight off sickness. Hopfully anybody who’s gotten the flu has gotten past it and I hope. All are well now

Hi everybody.  It’s cold. But. I’m happy.  Hopfully. Y’all are too.  ;)

Hi everybody. It’s cold. But. I’m happy. Hopfully. Y’all are too. ;)


Ok after much thought I figured I’d bring it out to everybody to put in their suggestion. How does. 5 first people. That come ask pokey the horse about 20 dollar piercings. Daily will get handed a voucher from the horse. Standing outside w the sign. For a 20 dollar piercing? How does that sound. If anybody has any suggestions or even a like I’ll try to make sure it gets put into play. ASAP. Thanks everybody

Shop owner

If you see pokey out. Daily.  Say hi if you’d like to.

If you see pokey out. Daily. Say hi if you’d like to.


Snow is awesome. Yet it’s Such a pain in the butt Too. Ugh I don’t know whether to Be happy or annoyed 😉Lol. Hope everybody enjoys their day today.

Triple helix.

Triple helix.


1944 Sherman Ave. Suit 101
North Bend, OR

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FOR PIERCINGS: All customers must be 18 years or older with a government issued ID. If you are not 18, you must have parental consent and your parent must present us with a government issued ID. No exceptions. We are now accepting all major credit cards. We also have gift certificates available.


(541) 808-0886


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Here at Pokey's Piercing, we strive for perfection. We provide you with a professional staff, excellent work, and high quality jewelry in a clean family friendly environment. WALK-INS WELCOME. Due to our small facility and small number of staff a wait time of 30 min or longer can occur on our busy days, for this, we apologize.

We are located between the new amazing bakery On the Sweet Side and Recycled Video Games. Go in the doors between the two businesses and down the hallway to find us! There is parking available in the front on Hwy 101 or in the back of the building next to Tiny’s Tavern across from the NBPD.

We are making some really positive changes. Come see us! We will be there regularly and have several piercers to choose from.

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What are your prices?
Got my 3rd lobe and my anxiety bolth sides also my tongue and my septum absolutely love all of them thank u so much Doug your amazing so great with people very professional highly recommend him to anyone❤
Hey everyone so if we get shipment in on Thursday we are thinking about doing a big one piercing get the other half of and enter for a chance to win a free piercing message me here or my cell and I will do my best to keep everyone informed thank you
We will be down at the shop this evening for a bit we are currently out of nose rings until Thursday but if you would like a piercing send me a message either here or my cell 503-586-8438
Hey guys we are thinking about doing some more piercings today we will keep everyone updated
i need my hood n nipples done ?
Hey Pokey, I was in yesterday and had a Daith piercing on both sides. I left your shop without a headache, and today was the first day I've woken up without a headache. I can't even tell you how long it's been since that has happened. I can't even begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me. I couldn't possibly recommend this service strongly enough to anyone that has Migraines. I have had them on a regular basis for 46 years, and I am so looking forward to rest of my life with a lot less or even none. I feel bad for only paying you what you charged me, the gift you have given me is priceless. Thank you !!!!!!!
Ive been wanting to get this so bad but ive herd some people wont do it andi dont want to go all the way to eugene to get it. Do you do this piercing and if how much would you charge?
They are so f**kin bad ass thanks Doug!!!! 🖤
I want to say HUGE Thank you to you Doug!! You came to the shop on short notice to re-pierce my daiths after hours on the road today. You didn't have to, and yet you did to help me get relief from my migraines. Thank you so very much, I am definitely grateful for having an amazing piercer!! ML&R 🤘🧡
Hi Spoke to you a few months ago on doing a third eye piercing 😎i am no longer pregnant and im ready to come in and get it done. 😍