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Ruthie Mae Handmade Ruthie Mae Handmade is a collection of handmade rag dolls created by Alicia Schultz. Premade or custom rag dolls are available.


A little piece inspired by the children's book "Madeline in London" and it's even made from a dictionary page that has the word "Madeline" on it!


I am a creative "dabbler" (although that word is going to be replaced when I come up with a better one! Any suggestions?) I cannot pick just one thing to do and focus on just that. I have so many different outlets for creating and have many more on my list of "What I want to LEARN to create next"!! Here are some photos of what I have been diving into the past few days.


I just sent out my first mini doll earlier today! She's on her way to Florida. Three more are traveling to the Midwest in the next few weeks too!


Here's an example of the invite I hand lettered this weekend. Next up, a much bigger hand lettering project for a fall festival!


Things I love all rolled into one: PORTLAND + MAPS + PAPER + SEWING! This awesome garland has just been posted in the shop!! Link to it when you click on the photos!


This doll has a new type of stuffing! Testing out more natural fillings instead of polyester fiberfils... She's stuffed with wool!


Babar the Elephant Paper Garland


This sweet doll is headed to NYC, not far from my old neighborhood. I totally love this doll (as I find is the case with most dolls I sell!!) She's a custom ordered doll, one of my favorite types of projects!!!


Sofia decided to dress her doll in one of her own dresses, followed by reading her a book. 😊

Circle Children's Book Paper Garland - Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things are is a favorite in our home. It's one book I wish I had written and illustrated myself. This garland takes his beautiful book and makes it a decoration to enjoy for your little one's room or a special party or shower.

This paper garland is made using pages from a classic childrens story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. It measures approximately 8

Circle Children's Book Paper Garland - I am a Bunny

This bunny garland would look great in your child's room, a reading area, or a baby's nursery!

This paper garland is made using pages from a classic childrens story I am a Bunny by Ole Risom. It measures approximately 8.5 feet long with


Storybook garlands will be making a debut in the Ruthie Mae Handmade shop!!! This is a one-of-a-kind garland that can be attached to your mantle or shelves, hung across the front of a table, hung from the wall, cut into shorter lengths to dangle from the ceiling. It would also make a great background for a photo!

In the shop already I have Babar the Elephant, and coming soon I'll be adding Where the Wild Things Are, I am a Bunny, Madeline, Guess How Much I Love You, and Curious George. What other great storybook garlands I should add??


Wish I were here again this morning, sewing and enjoying the sunshine and view!


Here's a peek at one of the completed mini rag dolls. She's a sweet little pocket doll with a tiny pouch of lavender inside!


Haha! Sometimes I have a complete fail of a project! The wool I used was to thick to turn. Instead of tossing the whole project, I am going to salvage parts for a tiny doll redo! The one one the right is a favorite. Her hair is from a cashmere sweater and she's even more adorable stuffed!! Sofia is so excited about these mini rag dolls!


Dolls in progress! The two on the outside were made using a free pattern by Rachael Gander (found online). I did those as part of a sew along and they will be headed to South Africa too. These dolls are fun because their hair flips over and on one side they are awake and the other asleep. (I still have to add the little faces though!)


Five dolls are in the works, and when they are completed they will be heading towards South Africa!


I have MANY crafty/creative hobbies! (Maybe too many!! ;) One of my favorite hobbies (from before I got more space and could really start crafting the way I do now) is taking photos. Earlier this month, I traveled to celebrate my cousin's marriage to his beautiful bride, Dana. They asked me to snap some casual photos of their open house. Tonight I took a break from other projects to work on some of their photos. :)


My current project. A hand lettering print for Seth for our office wall. Eventually the text will be over the starry night watercolor painting (I think).


We are on vacation in Utah. Spent the last three mornings getting up early to hike before the days get too hot. Here are a few of the arches we've seen, along with our sand sculpture of Sand Dune Arch below Sand Dune Arch.


When I figured out how to make curls, I, of course, had to make a curly haired doll for Sofia! Just in time to be her travel buddy for our trip to Utah!!


I have been working on a custom doll the last week, and she is finally done!! Can't wait to take photos of her in the daylight before I get her ready to head to NYC!!



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