[mægpai] clothing

[mægpai] clothing Classic eccentric clothing for romanticists Being a country of preachers and merchants, Holland has always had the patent on the paradox.

Calvanistic standards and inexpressible wealth. Like the piratical merchant of the Dutch Golden Age Piet Hein: small name but big deeds! The same kind of paradoxal elements come together in Maegpai's comfortable, classic designs. Maegpai aims on the romantic dreamers with an excentric though classic taste. Wild decorated fabrics become distinguished by using made-to-measure jackets with a classic

slim cut. Most of the fabrics, selected by Maegpai, are jacquards that are hardly used in the fashion industry anymore being too labour intensive. The best decorative jacquards however are to be found in the world of interior design. Maegpai selected the jacquards not only for their durable properties but mostly for their expressive qualities of adornment. Maegpai Director and historian Cees Koole started his menswear label in 2006. Since then Maegpai has already collaborated with celebrated shoe designer Jan Jansen and with the winner of the Dutch Fashin Awards Monique van Heist who designed the first collection of jackets. The Maegpai jackets are made on demand in the ateliers of the family Van Gils in Morocco.

[maegpai] is the phonetic Dutch pronouncement of 'magpie', reference to the romantic ecclectic man who takes what he fancies, collects special items and can't be bothered by dictating conventions. Maegpai likes to aim on those independent, romantic eccentric men who just wear what they love: classic clothing with a twist.


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