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Cotton Bridge Textiles Cotton Bridge Textiles is a project that aims to bring the beautiful African textiles to a broader pu

When I went to Uganda last summer I already knew that that trip would had impressed me like anything else. The people, the colours, the culture are still so vivid in my mind. And so are the textiles I found there and the beautiful people of the markets selling them. By talking to these women, I found out how difficult it is for them to sell their products (the beauty and high quality of the textil

es increases the price that is not easily affordable for locals). This made me think that the creation of a "bridge" between their market and the western clients would help their self-sustainment giving also us the benefit to enjoy of a beautiful product not easy to find here. These African textiles are colourful, resistent and 100%cotton and their multiple patterns give everyone the inspiration to create your own style, for your self and your home. The Cotton Bridge textiles is then a project that wants to help the African local market (specifically Ugandan) and aims to invest the profit into Ugandan education. In this way there will be a reinvestment from their own resources that will help the support of the economy growth.




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