Baliqs Crafted to Care

Baliqs Crafted to Care We believe that every talent deserves to flourish and grow IN FAIR working conditions. BALIQS - Crafted to Care support local designers and craftsman in Bali.


BALIQS - Crafted to Care (stylized as BALIQS) is a for profit company based in Bali, Indonesia. The company was founded in 2014 by Germaine Veenstra, an entrepreneur from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The name BALIQS is inspired from the words the island (BALI) and (QS) that we bring a Relationship Between Customer Service (Quality) and Market (Share). OUR TRADE OF LOVE

BALIQS has c

reated a sustainable company, on based on community effort and authenticity. We believe that every talent deserves to flourish and grow in fair working conditions. OUR PROMISE

Our mission is to help Balinese people to develop their handmade products and build a new factory, that provides good working conditions and a chance for better life. With the proceeds of the sale, we are investing in sustainable working and living.The factory would be build in the jungle with bamboo as a construction materials. Outside the boundaries we build an environment for employees.





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