Aljean As a sustainable denim brand we produce jeans that have antibacterial properties by using algae fibe There's also a natural dye that is produced from algae.

You wont have to wash your jeans as often as before, therefore you’re saving time within your busy lifestyle. We also contribute to a healthy environment and work within a circular motion. It can fade into a different color over time, creating the possibility to personalize your garment.

Aljean at the Blue Fair by AMFI

Ar you wondering how did it look like at the Blue Fair and you'd like to have a sneak peek into a short inside footage from this event?
Have a look at the video underneath! :) It was super fun and we were more than happy to participate there!

Behind the scenes footage. Sustainable denim brand "Aljean" being present at the annual Blue Fair event by Amstrdam Fashion Insitute.


Come and see our stand at the Blue Fair in the Kohnstammhuis!


MEET OUR TEAM and join the FAMILY!

Last one, but definitely not the least member of our team to be introduced:


As soon as we have our textiles found and algae properties researched, Thessa takes care of developing it further into real garments. She knows everything about denim and what’s going to be IN the next season.


MEET OUR TEAM and join the FAMILY!

As the next person you're gonna meet:


This Swedish girl has the most knowledge about textiles and fabrics, as her passion lies in researching various properties of materials. She knows where to find the most qualitative textile and knows how to make the best use of it.


Photo: Anna Sophie Garcia / CARJ studio


MEET OUR TEAM and join the FAMILY!

As the third one, we're introducing:


You may have wondered, who’s the one always keeping you up to date with what’s happening within Aljean via Facebook and Instagram? Yeah, that’s Andra! She’s the one behind the screens, always communicating with public.


MEET OUR TEAM and join the FAMILY!

Next one to be introduced:


With excellent German precision, she always figures out how to make everything visually appealing. She feels like a fish in the water while working on Photoshop and Illustrator and she never says „no” to drawing something by hand or using computer software.


Aljean's cover photo


MEET OUR TEAM and join the FAMILY!

As the first one of us, we introduce to you:


She's always up to date with everything that's new and innovative. She knows where to look and how to find it. More than that, she can tell you all about the good properties of the main component of our jeans - algae.

The Next Black - A film about the Future of Clothing

What inspires us within fashion? Mostly, it's passion for innovation and natural resources.

But we're more than curious to find out what YOU find interesting or likable. Tell us what is your biggest fashion inspiration and share it with others under this post! :)

'The Next Black' is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. Watch as we meet with some of the most innovative companies on the planet to get...


Friday = Fun day! :)
Don't be shy and have a little sneak peak into the backstage of our photo shoot today. Can't wait to see the final pictures!


Sh*tty day full of rain in Amsterdam?
Of course, our team went to pick up super sustainable materials, in order to build up the Aljean stand at a Blue Fair event by AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute :)



We're a bunch of AMFI students urgently looking for a photographer who could help us out with making marvelous pictures of our denim garments.

Next Friday, 23th of October, in Amsterdam (more precisely - Amsterdam West), at a very cozy apartment, where we're gonna do the shooting.

We're gonna explain the idea more closely in person, but in general we'd need a couple of detail and overall shots (one model, max 2 outfits) to visualize the garment and express the mood.

Please, comment on the post or message us if you feel like you could be the one we're looking for or tag someone you know that could be right for this!

Shares and likes of this post are gonna be very appreciated! :)





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