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VaderPainter Collectibles I have been collecting Star Wars memorabilia and costuming as Darth Vader since 1977!

Dave Prowse even has been quoted as having said "Bob is the Original VaderPainter!"

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Spatcave Stores | eBay Stores
Spatcave Stores | eBay Stores

Spatcave Stores | eBay Stores

Welcome to the SpatCave E-Bay Store! We deal in high quality movie replica prop kits, and other strange and unique items! Please add me to your list of favorite sellers. Come back soon!

Lots more of my Star Wars collectibles just listed!
vaderpaintercollectibles on eBay

Lots more of my Star Wars collectibles just listed!

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Star Wars and other franchises DESTROYED ON PURPOSE
Star Wars and other franchises DESTROYED ON PURPOSE

Star Wars and other franchises DESTROYED ON PURPOSE

Most people will never come around to this idea outside of our circles, but this is about the best argument I can make. Again, it won't be enough for the "re...


Shabbat Shalom, From My House To Yours.

Exodus 23:12
“Six days you are to do your work, but on the seventh day you shall cease from labor so that your ox and your donkey may rest, and the son of your female slave, as well as your stranger, may refresh themselves.”





Belovac vacuum forming 32" x 60" bench and 32"x60", 24"x36" and 24'"x24" platens... $12,000

All TK, FOTK lens, silicone TK aerator, HS Carbonite and back-up vac bench buck molds... $5000

RS Propmasters Stormtrooper complete... $1000

Anovos FOTK Phasma conversion kit... $1200

Deadpool costume complete is $4000


SJW and feminazis are absolutely DISGUSTING. And Lucasfilm under Kathleen Kennedy never to learn from their mistakes. And yes surely they make too many mistakes.

At this stage, it is no doubt that Kathleen Kennedy and her feminazis empire and her cultist are trying to push their identity politics to the most iconic franchise, Star Wars. And that is how Mary or I mean Rey was introduced. Flawless and boring in. writers with common sense know that great characters aren't made by pushing them in the audiences face. Their story are be told in a convincing manner for the audience to judge and if the story is good, that character will be praised. But that formula has been completely dismissed in Star Wars under Kathleen's empire. We see this with the female Ghost Busters. We see this at Marvel Comics for a long while (which is making them lose of money). We saw this with Ocean's 8. And what the similarities between these films? It never met the expectation.

Again, with good storytelling, you do not need to downplay anyone to make certain character a badass. You do not need to jerk off certain race or gender to make certain gender and race look awesome.

It all started with The Last Jedi. Well honestly it started with The Force Awakens by introducing an absolute Mary Sue called Rey but anyhow, the downplaying of male characters in Star Wars was most obvious in TLJ which surrounded around Luke. They made the most optimistic, strong will powered hero who never let down his friends become a lifeless loser so that Rey can shine and replace his position. Something which happens in all SJW feminazis work. And we see this in Marvel Comic. Thor, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America and who earned this position with long hard work were all replaced by female versions who show no effort to gain respect and love from the readers but were forced to us to praise them. Which failed miserably I must say seeing the sales chart. Captain Marvel? Oh, her sick series rebooted 6 times in this past 2, 3 years and that is insane. And they are trying to replace not only Luke with but all male kick ass scenes with female just so that these crazy SJW feminazis can meet their agenda.

And the worst disgusting changes in Star Wars history happened in the animated series Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures recently.

In the Death Star escape scene and Endor chase, Lucasfilm decided to completely change what happened in the original trilogy by ignoring the beautiful teamwork that Luke, Leia Han played. They made Luke and Han into a brainless white male and let all the achievement accomplished by Leia. This series is mostly designed for the kids and many of these kids have never watched the original trilogy. And it is easier for a child to watch cartoon than a live action movie. Knowing this, Lucasfilm twisted the history and what have happened to meet their own disgusting identity politics and that is much worse than what they did in TLJ. Not only they made Luke a useless hermit in TLJ, but they are trying to make Luke from the original trilogy to be like so as well. This level of toxic propaganda within storytelling is never heard of. It is completely in another level and only sick minded people with mental and moral issue can ever try to render this. Which Kathleen and her cultist did.

No, Luke was never clumsy stupid with the blasters and no Leia never shot once in the prison hall. No Luke never had issue with preparing the jump wire. No, Leia never shoved Luke to protect him. In fact, Luke was mostly acting as a shield for Leia majority of the time and we can see Leia covering herself behind Luke at the prison hall and the jumping scene (and YES Leia did act as a shield for Luke at the jump scene too making them a great team). No, Leia did not shove clumsy Luke and kicked Chewie into the garbage shoot. In fact, Leia was the first to jump into the garbage shoot and it is Han who kicked Chewie into the shoot. And it was Han who was fending off Stormtrooper in the prison hall and not Leia. Lastly, Luke had no issue riding the speeder bike since he is an ace pilot. He was also capable of jumping from bike to bike to fight the scout. EVERYTHING IN THIS EPISODE IS A LIE AND A DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA. And for those who do not know the definition of propaganda, it is to twist the information to input message which suits the narrative of the issuer. Which this is.

Star Wars was about teamwork. These small little rebels going against massive empire and they have done it purely with teamwork. Leia not need to be given a pathetic propaganda cycle from SJW feminazis. She is badass already from the start. Without her, the Death Star plans would have not reached the Rebel base. Without her, Luke and Han would have not escaped the prison hall. Without her, there were so many things that not possible. But that applies to Han and Luke and ANY CHARACTERS in Star Wars. Without Han helping Luke in the end of ANH, the Rebellion was dead. Without Luke, there was no victory. Without Leia, Rebellion did not survive. Without R2, they all have been screwed. C3PO even had a crucial role which lead the cute teddies bear army in defeating the Stormtrooper.

George Lucas's Star Wars was BEAUTIFUL. Every character has a part to play and it is essential to the storytelling.
SJW feminazis storytelling is disgusting. They literally do not tell a story. They twist and contaminate it. The only thing they are good at.

Stop disrespecting our beloved characters. Leia not need your sick twist to look awesome. She IS AWESOME from the beginning. You don't need to shoot a blaster to be awesome while there are some characters that would have looked a bit better if they ever shot once. Like Captain Phasma who had this fancy golden blaster and never used it. SJW feminazis, how about you go fix your own invention before you consider touching anything else. Your creations are boring. George Lucas's creations are great.

Honestly, I didn't mind but rather liked the Galaxy of Adventures until this episode. But again, SJW feminazis are only good at one thing. To destroy a franchise.

True Fans, it seems like they need more lessons. Do what must be done. Give them no mercy. Wipe them out. All of them.

May the force be with us.

Jon Favreau Shares First Image Of IG-88 In The Mandalorian
Jon Favreau Shares First Image Of IG-88 In The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau Shares First Image Of IG-88 In The Mandalorian

There's still a lot that we don't know about The Mandalorian other than its general premise and cast and crew. However, it looks like Jon Favreau has confirmed that an iconic droid from The Empire…

Original Star Wars Lightsaber Pulled From Auction After Authenticity Issue
Original Star Wars Lightsaber Pulled From Auction After Authenticity Issue

Original Star Wars Lightsaber Pulled From Auction After Authenticity Issue

  When fans found out that Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber from the original Star Wars movies was on sale, they immediately started looking at their wallets and seeing if they could afford it. Obviously, this is something only those who are well of can afford but they can always bask in the ...


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